"For America to sustain its vitality, promote opportunity, and create a more equitable society during its second 250 years of existence, we must improve the performance of communities and the people who lead and live in them."


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  • San Diego County’s South Region Community: Moving from Great to Excellent

    Located within the County of San Diego in the State of California, bound by the United States-Mexico border and the Pacific Ocean, you will find the San Diego South Region community that is vibrant, family-oriented, ... more

  • Sectors AND Generations in Community Leadership

    By Communities of Excellence 2026 Chair and Co-Founder Lowell C. Kruse In virtually all our Communities of Excellence 2026 documents and conversations, we describe the need for collaboration across SECTORS AND GENERATIONS. Sometimes the GENERATIONS ... more

  • Meet Our Communities: Kanawha County

    By Judith Crabtree, Executive Director, Kanawha Coalition for Community Health Improvement Our journey to community health improvement began in 1994 with the formation of the Kanawha Coalition for Community Health Improvement (KCCHI). Ahead of their ... more

  • An Update on San Diego County’s South Region

    By COE Director Stephanie Norling As you may know, San Diego County's South Region was one of the first communities to adopt the Communities of Excellence Framework.  Starting in 2015, I've had the pleasure of working ... more

  • The Value of Cross-Sector Collaboration

    By Kruse Scholar Alum Rob Platou In 2014 I accepted a job offer that took me from sunny Southern California to rural Southeast Georgia to work at a community hospital that was part of the ... more

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