"For America to sustain its vitality, promote opportunity, and create a more equitable society during its second 250 years of existence, we must improve the performance of communities and the people who lead and live in them."


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  • Neighboring Communities and How They Stand Out

    By San Diego Community Fellow Janice Luna Reynoso Ever since I can remember it has been my pleasure to be a part of two neighboring yet distinct communities.  I grew up in living in National ... more

  • Communities of Excellence 2026 Welcomes Rich Umbdenstock to our Board

    Last month Rich Umbdenstock, former President and Chief Executive Officer of the American Hospital Association (AHA) joined the Communities of Excellence 2026 Board.  Mr. Umbdenstock’s career includes experience in hospital administration; health system governance, management ... more

  • Communities of Excellence: A Case Study

    By Kruse Scholar Jasmin Fosheim Sioux Falls, South Dakota is currently experiencing a major shortage of affordable housing units. Struggling families without safe homes to return to each night are forced to wait years before they ... more

  • How do we get more youth of color at the polls?

      By San Diego Community Fellow Janice Luna Reynoso Fewer youth of color are participating at the polls than ever.  In November of the 2014 general election, only 8.2 percent of eligible voters between the ... more

  • Building Community is a Lifestyle, Not a Job

    By Kruse Scholar Jesse Nelson All around us, things seem distressed. There a palpable sense of unease in the air, not unlike the feeling one gets when a nasty winter cold is settling in, but ... more

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