Communities of Excellence 2026 Update

There’s certainly been a lot of activity lately.  So much so that I’ve been a bit delinquent in my blog postings.  Here’s an update on the exciting progress we’ve made:

Quest for Excellence/CCE/PENWorks Presentations

Over the last couple months we’ve been presenting both our progress and the progress of our San Diego South Region pilot.  In March, Sarah Rafi from San Diego County’s Health and Human Services Agency (HHSA) and I presented in Long Beach, CA, in April Anabel Poole, also from HHSA presented in Baltimore at the Annual Quest for Excellence Conference.  Most recently, I had the pleasure of facilitating a 90 minute intensive learning session with the Communities of Excellence Kruse Scholars.  These undergrad and graduate level young people are truly inspiring and represent the best in youth leadership.  Among other things, this session featured a panel discussion of their experience learning about Communities of Excellence and the quality and systems thinking skills that they will bring to their organizations and communities in the future.  I can’t emphasize enough how impressive they are.

San Diego County’s South Region

The San Diego South Region leadership has been working hard moving their implementation of the Communities of Excellence Framework from planning to action.  In their last Leadership Team meeting each South Region Live Well San Diego partner organization presented a brief synopsis of their organization’s priorities, resident groups served, data capabilities and target customers.  This information led to a set of key themes that help leverage their shared competencies, resources and priority areas to drive their shared community strategic plan.  At the same time, a cross-sector Ad Hoc committee was formed to provide feedback and add input in their Community Profile.  At the next meeting, coming up next week, that information will be shared to fill in gaps in the Community Profile and start narrowing down their key themes into goals.  I am so impressed by the hard work and dedication of this team.  They are an inspiring and dedicated group.

National Learning Collaborative

On May 2nd we begin the first session of our pilot cohort’s journey in the COE National Learning Collaborative.  This group of five communities has spent the past month preparing for this session through Prework activities and planning.  Over the next four months they will partake in bi-monthly sessions designed to build their collaborative leadership team’s knowledge of community performance excellence and begin to create their Community Profile. 

There is still room for your community to participate in the second cohort of communities joining in September/October of 2017.  You can find information on participation on our website at or contact me directly.

Thank you for your continued support as we work to bring a higher level of performance to our nation’s communities. 

Stephanie Norling, Director

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