Janice Reynoso

Janice works with Communities of Excellence 2026 to further Live Well San Diego’s vision for healthy families, safe communities, and sustainable environments in South San Diego. Janice engages partner agencies, schools, individuals and businesses in the region. She is creating a regional profile to inform priorities and initiatives to improve the health, educational attainment and economic vitality of the community.

Janice is an active community leader in community gardening and health advocacy. She has volunteered most of her life to promote active healthy living, education, holistic choices and celebration of arts and culture. In addition to the Fellowship, she directs the YALLA Academy Scholar-Athlete Tutoring Program for refugee child survivors of war and immigrant youth, and teaches children and families how to garden. Janice is also a certified yoga instructor. Her passions include youth leadership, dancing, music, nature, and painting with her daughters.