Kruse Scholar Perspective: Misty Blue

It has been an inspiring experience to be a Kruse Scholar during my Masters of Public Health program.  The two years have really flown by, but not before we had the fortune to participate in many activities that have enriched our graduate school experience.  The Baldrige training, PENWorks conferences, and a consistent connection with other Kruse Scholars and our mentors have provided the space for us to discuss, learn about, and imagine healthy communities.  This is especially important as we begin our careers. 

During this experience we had the opportunity to learn from so many accomplished professionals.  Inspired by the Baldrige Award winners, both past and future, I will bring lessons of hope and persistence into my work.  Our mentors have generously shared of their time and lessons to ensure that we are well-equipped to start our work in creating healthy communities.  I and the other Kruse scholars have remained curious and inviting of ways to incorporate all of these teachings into our future work, and have questioned how to remain a connected as a Kruse Scholar community as well. 

Through this experience, I have come to understand strategies in engaging communities in shifting toward health.  We have explored frameworks, read case studies, and have even been privy to exciting work that Communities of Excellence 2026 is currently doing.  This work is being done in an innovative way, and has been a great complement to classes required for my program.

As part of the application process to become a Kruse Scholar, I spoke about cross-sector collaborations that I have been a part of in the past.  Community and collaboration have been a strong value for me, and becoming Kruse scholar has greatly strengthened this value and given me practical skills to bring forward to my work.  I hope to always carry the knowledge that I have gained through this experience and share it with other students and other professionals. 

*Learn more about Misty Blue here:  Misty Blue

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