Mission—What Communities of Excellence 2026 Does

Communities of Excellence 2026 assists and supports communities to implement the Communities of Excellence Framework and achieve and sustain the highest quality of life for their people.

Envisioned Future

By 2026, we will have successfully adapted and refined the Communities of Excellence Framework and sustained a course of action among communities across the United States to embrace the framework to achieve and sustain excellence. Over the ensuing decades, this growing archipelago of communities across the country will achieve and sustain community performance excellence. These communities will consistently be the top-performing communities in the nation and their success will meaningfully influence others across the country to strive for community performance excellence. Building on the foundation of democracy and liberty established by the nation’s founders, communities engaged with Communities of Excellence 2026 will have set America on course to again lead the world in educational attainment, economic prosperity, health status, and other key measures of community health and well-being.