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In 2015, Communities of Excellence 2026 and the San Diego County Health and Human Services Agency agreed to work together as part of the first community in the nation to implement the Communities of Excellence Framework.

Live Well San Diego, the County’s strategic vision for a healthy, safe and thriving San Diego County along with the many partner organizations that support the vision will serve as the backbone for this effort.

We will initially focus our work in the South Region of San Diego County, in the boundaries of Chula Vista and National City’s elementary school districts (see below). With a total population of over 340,000 people, this represents roughly 10% of San Diego County.

Live Well San Diego – South Region

Live Well San Diego - South Region

This effort will be led by the South Region Leadership Team made up of members from Live Well San Diego Partner Organizations. You can learn more about these organizations, and how to participate here.

After two years of planning, the journey from Great to Excellent! is underway. Building on the accomplishments already achieved by the many organizations and partners in the South Region, COE 2026 is working with LWSD to compile a Community Profile as the first step in the journey to excellence.

We hope you will follow our progress as this journey continues.

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