This week’s update 11/13/15

This week I'd like to take the opportunity to share a couple of the questions we've been asked lately.

  • The first question is whether or not the Community Performance Excellence Framework is scalable to communities of different sizes.  There's no short answer to this; but we intend for it to be.  The Baldrige Performance Excellence Framework, from which this framework was adapted is scalable.  In fact the National Award was been given to organizations ranging from small family-run businesses to national corporations with thousands of employees.  All the more reason why we believe we need to test the Framework over a period of two years in a variety of settings:  A large urban region (the County of San Diego), a large rural region (Northwest Missouri) and smaller communities within these large regions.  The information that we gain and the feedback from community residents will help us to understand how this framework applies communities of different sizes and also different complexities.
  • The second question I've been asked recently relates to the types of leadership we envision carrying out this journey to community performance excellence.  We envision slightly different community leadership than you may first think...and certainly different leadership from a business or organization.  In a community, there  is no CEO.  There's a mayor, but city government isn't the only piece of the puzzle.  In order to reach all the parts of the community; the schools where our children are educated, the hospitals and clinics that care for us, the businesses that hire and employ us, and the many organizations that support us, you need to look to what we call "informal leaders".  These are our school superintendents, hospital executives, foundation directors, city leaders, nonprofit directors, engaged residents, and community leaders that represent and make up our community.  We believe that to really pursue excellence and improve the way our communities are run, we need to bring all these leaders to the table.

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