March 9th – The Role of Values-based Leadership

On March 9th we will be hosting our fifth and final Learning Lab with the HealthDoers Network:  The Role of Values-Based Leadership:  Starting the Community Conversation.  For me, it has been an incredible learning experience.  We first started with Lowell Kruse's story about his 25 years in Northwest Missouri and the cirtiical need to engaged community leaders in the overall health of the region.  Then we heard from Brian Lassiter in order to understand a bit more about Baldrige and Communities of Excellence, and what is means for a community to pursue excellence.  We followed the next two Labs with presentations from our first pilot community:  San Diego County's South Region and their Live Well San Diego Vision for a County that is healthy, safe and thriving.  Barbara Jimenez talked about the experience of adopting the framework from the South Region's perspective and Anabel Poole followed with a conversation about the role of the Backbone Organization and how this journey has influenced their own internal Baldrige journey. 

Throughout these Labs, there was one theme that continued to follow in our discussions and questions from attendees:  Leadership.   Therefore, It seemed fitting to end the series with a discussion about Community Leadership and Values.  For this Lab I've invited two inspiring leaders to share examples from their experience in business and community.  I hope you will join us March 9th as our two presenters, Rick Norling and Brenda Grant discuss the importance of shared community values, role-modeling values-based behaviors as a key element of leadership, and how community leadership can go about establihing critical values that will drive the kind of behavior that will both engage residents and produce results.

You can register here to join us

Stephanie Norling, Managing Director, Communities of Excellence 2026







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