Weekly Update 1/15/16

Its been a productive week for us at Communities of Excellence 2026.  We are moving closer and closer to an official launch in one of our pilot communities and making huge progress in our others.  We are transitioning out of our planning phase and into the implementation phase.  One of my responsibilities now is to make sure we document every step of the process; identifying the pieces that are working well and noting the opportunities for improvement.  It could be easy to think of this as just perfecting a framework for communities, but the tools and processes that accompany it are just as important!

One key to this will be the leadership and collaboration that the community participants engage in.  Today I re-read "The Dawn of System Leadership" by Peter Senge, Hal Hamilton, and John Kania.  One of my favorite lines is "In any complex setting, people typically focus their attention on the parts of the system most visible from their own vantage point. This usually results in arguments about who has the right perspective on the problem"  Moving past this will be paramount to our collaborative work.

Finally, yesterday I attended the San Diego Economic Roundtable, an annual update and panel on San Diego's economy and its forecast for the future.  It's critical in this effort to understand each of our community's priority workforce areas, the infrastructure needed to support them and the opportunities for job training.  Our business and economic leaders will need to have a voice in community improvement efforts too.


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